i.r. 2


DEAr JoHN or WAS it jane?the ORANGE canary disappeared last night so i'm thinking about getting a new Name because I DON'T like mine very well...The girl in the corner keeps staring AT THE spider under the bed is spinning a web around the corner OF MY mind THINKS you don't like ME anymore. is it because you like her MORE OR LESS...THE FUR GROWS LONG ON THE DESK - IT'S COVERED over all the stampS Now I NEED TO BUY MORE. I D ON'T HAVE a cAR so YOU'LL HAVE TO DRive INTO THE neighbors pool to get your canary BACK. i fixed your favorite meal on the roof, in the rain the cat got soaked and DIDN'T like its peach cobbler i sent to your mother. pLEASE Come BaCk at the ranch meanwhile i'll take a bath in the dog dish. i won't be JealoUS anymore spaChetti left in the Pot?.