"This Alliance"
This art-piece has been re-worked this year (2009). It is a mixed media/altered piece dealing with the effects of breast cancer. Faces have been added including my cousin Lynne who is a breast cancer survivor, Rose Hartman another survivor and my Aunt Nancy who succumbed to the disease in 2008. It will be auctioned or raffled hopefully this year (2009). If you would like to purchase it out-right, send me an email and make me an offer. Before it ships, the person who purchases this may have their photo or a photo of a loved one added to the collage if they have been effected by this disease. The women on this art piece are women I have met in person or online, are friends or family members that have or have had breast cancer. It is a personal piece - personal in the fact that each woman represented on this has a face and a story. Just like every person that is effected by this disease. Just like you if you have been effected.

All monies from the sale (minus shipping) will be donated to the American Cancer Society’s Making Strides Against Breast Cancer.

See stages of cancer here.


My cousin Lynne Brown was diagnosed in February 2006 with breast cancer. She is a survivor and has a heart for remaining active in keeping people aware of the disease as well as raising monies to help to find a cure. See her story here.


My Aunt, Nancy L.Warren succumbed to breast cancer March 6, 2008. She was 54.
Pearl. Healed.


I know seven + women who have or had breast cancer. Five of them are in my family. I know two additional women that recently had surgeries on the same day - they even had the same doctor but never met.Two things they have in common - I am friends with both of them and both cases were benign! Thank God.


it only happens to a woman

I never thought about it
I mean, I never thought I'd have to deal with it
being it only happens to a woman
but when she stood there
beside the hospital bed
my wife of five short years
I knew I'd have to deal with it then

I told her it didn't matter
that nothing would change
but when she undressed before
me that night
I hated myself for what I thought

how could things be the same
how could I touch her
now that part of her woman
was cut away
and I hung my head in shame

as I watched her
look at herself within the mirror
I felt the burning trace
of a tear
leaving a crevice in my cheek
that would permanently scar

her eyes looked into mine
and I saw her soul
struggling, while she stood strong

and she cried
but her tears were of joy
while mine were of disgust
in myself

I walked to her
and held her in my arms
while she exclaimed
"I'm so glad just to be alive"

I trembled as my anger grew
with my selfishness
and I thought
"my God, I am so very glad
she is alive"

and I know this malady
that has taken a fragment of
her physical being
will try to work its' way into
her spirit
while I standing with yellow feet
can do nothing

and I felt her heart beat
in unison with mine
as we held each other
and I realized
her strength and valiantness
were enough for us both
and I took it in

I kissed and caressed
her scarred and bruised body
and I knew then
how a real woman felt




When you purchase stamps, PLEASE, don’t forget to ask for

The U.S. Postal Service breast cancer stamp was printed and promoted to raise funds for breast cancer research. To date, the stamp has raised more than $30 million for breast cancer research. By law, 70 percent of the net amount raised is given to the National Institutes of Health and 30 percent is given to the Medical Research Program at the Department of Defense.

The cost of each stamp is only 8 cents more than a regular stamp. Just think what 8 cents can do in the fight against breast cancer.


Pink around the World...
October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month every year. In support of this, the Estee Lauder Companies pursued the lighting of famous landmarks around the world in pink lights, including Graceland!


Yearly Mammograms:
Pinky does it so why don't you?


LOCAL CANCER PROJECT 2004 Crawfordsville, Indiana

Artist Nina J. Smith, Designer Marlene Simonds and
Home Owner Ashley Hanna

Redesign of local home - proceeds of open house to cancer research.

Preview Party was fabulous. Good food, folks and fun!

Kitchen/Dining area with two shutters hinged together and hung from ceiling.

Rustic Bakers rack. Originally walls were to be a Granny Smith green. Home owner chose a deep, richer green instead.

Myself at fireplace with my painting "The Concealment of My Likeness"

Room between Living room and Dining room. We painted the fireplace black and painted the border chocolate brown with a pinstripe of black.

Guest Bedroom, Safari theme, Chocolate Brown Walls. Painting "Trace of Zebra".

Living room. Peanut Shell Paint.

Back Porch. Red on walls. I painted the rug on the cement floor with every color we used in the house.

Breast Cancer Sculpture. "This Alliance" Check out my funky pants!

Here we are again. Nina Smith, Marlene Simonds and Ashley Hanna

The reality is that breast cancer is not just a woman's disease.
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