nina (pronounced 9-ah) cunningham 

I've been a resident of indiana for 15 years but was born in the rural of new york, an area surrounded by dairy cows, rolling hills and “cricks”. when I moved to indiana in 1997, I quickly discovered that the scenery had changed to corn fields. often when I tell people I'm from new york, they instantly think of new york city but believe it or not, I've never seen the statue of liberty (that sounds like the title to a painting...) 

my formal training is in graphic design. I have a ba in communication design from the university of buffalo and am currently employed with a local screen print company. regarding fine art, I'm relatively self taught.

the drive and over-ambition to achieve a sense of self-worth through art has often been my downfall as an artist. I think many artists feel this way. I have been able to overcome this finally by embracing my gift giver (God). diligently, art has been inspired, full force with as much honesty as I can muster. I have found that art as well as life is quite often distorted by logic. faith and emotion also may be warped by over-analyzing. we have this human filter that tries to explain everything to pinpoint what is going on instead of simply trusting our inherent beliefs. 

creating art is a very emotional and personal process, if you look at a painting, the life of the painter will often be seen. life encompasses emotions, feelings, faith, hope, love, wonder and mystery, as well as our past accomplishments and failings. to find these meanings in a painting is up to the viewer. if the viewer can make the choice to connect, it becomes a personal entity. in essence, the creation is living for anyone that views it.  my work is a collection of created moments representing the restoration of my life, a testimony which in fact is also a creation - created by the ultimate artist, God.