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Update on the Elvis Collection. The idea is to collect enough stuff so when it is time for me to retire, I can sell it all and have enough money to travel...or buy medication whichever comes first...Bookcase Shell, Paint, Screenprinted Background, Wooden Shelves, Beads, Black Velvet, Blue guitar, Faux Fur, Misc. Elvis Collection...Details below:
The left and right side of the upper portion. Wooden letters painted with metallic blue and wooden shelves draped in beaded fringe. Silver screenprint of an Andy Warhol image of Elvis, modified in Photoshop. Jumpsuit with clock in crotch found at the covered bridge festival here in Indiana. Blue guitar fly swatter...
First Shelf: Tin plate found at a local toy store (yes weird) Elvis glasses and an Elvis shrine type candle. Vinyl 45 of Blue Christmas, lunchbox, purse and alarm clock, numerous ornaments.. Black velvet Hawaiian Elvis purchased out of a van at the American Legion here in town.
Second shelf: Elvis purse, candy tin, Avon plane collection and lottery tickets..Oh and Elvis gum packages...gum still in them. Books and plaster mold...
Third shelf: Elvis puzzle, checker set and action figure! Calendar and numerous TV guides.