you know, pink was never a favorite color of mine. it wasn't until a time in my life when I had no color that it presented itself. a stranger gave me what I call Pink Grace in the form of a pair of pink beaded socks. through the years pink has become a soft reminder of generosity and grace given freely.

the story of Pink Grace.

feel free to wander around and read the rants and ramblings of a past revisited and recovered. new intentions of answered prayers and art that has taken a lifetime to produce.

May 16 - June 2012 "the BANALITY of beauty" showing at Athens Arts

November 2012 "three girls, three stories, one show" Crawfordsville Public Library

2011 show "the heart remains"
LaLa Studio and Gallery

if you like the work contained herein, or wish to reproduce it in any way - let me know. contact me!
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In Memory of J.D. Taylor: Blue Hope postcard pdf.

hello. my name is nina cunningham and I am a mixed media artist among other things! I once fancied myself to be a poet, my alter ego resembles a back-up singer (do-wop style) and I've even contemplated becoming a race car driver...
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